Dance Party!, Toddler, and Preschool Card Sets Review

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Editor's Review

There’s always something to do with card sets from Mollybee Kids. Have a dance party, go on a scavenger hunt, practice yoga, or stomp like a dinosaur. Each card set comes with double-sided, sturdy cards and instructions on a durable, reclosable plastic ring.

With the Dance Party! Cards, there are three ways to play. One person picks a card and dances to the card’s action, and then everyone else follows along. Or one person chooses a card to perform, and everyone else is the audience. You can also place five cards in a circle and move from card to card, dancing at each one. Or come up with your own ways to play and have a dance party.

There are two versions of the Toddler Scavenger Hunt Cards, one for playing at the park and one for a scavenger hunt at home. Each card has an illustration of an object (such as a bird for the park and a chair for the home), as well as a question to increase observational skills and learning.

Another card set for toddlers is Toddler Action Cards Animal Moves & Sounds. These cards are a fun way to help kids explore and learn about animals and the noises they make. Each card shows a different animal movement to perform, such as clapping like a seal.

There are two sets of Preschool Action Cards: Dino Stomp & Roar and Kitty Princess Dance & Play. While each set’s activities promote imagination, learning, and movement, they have different categories of play. The Dinosaur cards are divided into five categories. If it’s a Dino-mite Dinos card, kids run, crawl, and stomp like the ancient dinosaurs. A Prehistoric Poses card asks kids to stretch and hold calming positions. Kids perform the actions of animals that lived among the dinosaurs with a Creature Feature card. A Scavenger Hunt card sends kids searching the house for objects to turn into prehistoric playthings. And Me & You cards help parents and kids build connection through roleplay activities. The five categories of Kitty Princess cards are Royal Rehearsal, which has kids spinning, twirling, and dancing; Princess Poses that encourage kids to stretch and hold calming positions; Forest Friends, where kids pretend to frolic through the woods with woodland pals; Scavenger Hunt, which sends kids around the house to find objects; and Me & You, roleplay activities for child and adult.

Preschool Yoga Cards feature yoga adventures with cat and mouse. These activity cards take kids through four 10-minute yoga sessions divided into easy-to-follow sections. This is a fun and calming activity that increases flexibility, balance, and coordination. Yoga parents will like using these cards as a way to introduce their kids to yoga.

Dance Party!, Toddler, and Preschool Card Sets

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These card sets are easy to throw into a purse or bag so that you always have a fun activity no matter where you go. We like that there are so many different themed card sets to choose from, and so many different activities within each set. These are all a great way to inspire imaginative play and get kids moving and having fun.

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