Cutie Loos Review

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Editor's Review

Cutie Loos is a new line of flocked animal characters with interchangeable hats and shoes. You can collect two mix-and-match friends in one package to easily swap out their shoes and hats. Each character comes with one hat and one pair of shoes, but there are also two mystery fashions to unbox. You can even read more about the characters on the back of the box. The figures will stand on their own when wearing shoes, but the figures are not poseable. 

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Kids who like collecting small toys and unboxing them will have fun collecting Cutie Loos and revealing the mystery accessories. It would be fun if the figures were poseable, but the mix-and-match fashions and the tactile feel of the flocked fur will certainly still inspire imaginative play.


2 animal figures
3 sets of shoe and hat combinations 
Unbox mystery fashions
Imaginative play



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