Cutetitos Fashion Puppyitos Review

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Editor's Review

Unroll a stylin’ friend with Cutetitos Fashion Puppyitos. These pups are dressed to impress and come wrapped up in trendy totes so you can take them on the go. There are three tote styles and 10 Puppyitos to collect, each with its own style. You won’t know who you get until you open the box and unwrap the tote. Some are Stylish, some are So Stylish, some are Extra Stylish, and the rare ones are Super Stylish. Each pup’s Glam Spot, a glittery bow on their hip, lets you know the style level. And, of course, there is a collector’s card with guide on the back. 

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Should I get it?

Kids will like the surprise of discovering what the trendy tote looks like and which character is wrapped inside. We like the fun outfits that the stuffed animals wear and that the totes make it easy to bring the Cutetitos on the go. And as with other Cutetitos, these are super cute and soft.


Surprise of the tote and the stuffed animal

They wear cute outfits

Kids can carry the Puppyitos in the totes

Imaginative play



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