Cry Babies Tiny Cuddles Review

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Editor's Review

There are four here— Frozen Frutti Mel dressed in a cute watermelon ice cream cone themed pajamas. Dinos Mia dressed in a cute metallic T-Rex dino themed pajamas.Dinos Tina also dressed in metallic dino pj’s and Frozen Frutti Grace in cute raspberry ice cream cone pj’s. Each doll is over 9 inches tall with a super soft cuddly body, dressed in a different ice cream cone themed pajamas and they all cry real tears! Just add water to the back of their heads, put their hoods on press their heads to get the tears rolling! Once they’re all cried out give them their matching pacifier and get them to bed!

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Should I get it?

Cry Babies is great for kids ages 18 months and up! 


  • Their bodies are soft for cuddling
  • They’re light weight making it easy to carry around
  • All come with a matching accessory and
  • You can take out the water easily, if necessary 


Again, these babies have water so it is a possibility that they can get the play area wet.

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