Cry Babies Tiny Cuddles Happy Flower Dolls Review

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Editor's Review

There are a few Tiny Cuddles to collect, but today we’ve got two; Happy Flower Ava and Happy Flower Mila! Happy Flower Ava wears a cute poppy flower themed pajamas with a matching pacifier. Where as Happy Flower Mila wears a cute daisy flower themed pajamas with her matching pacifier. Both are 9 inches tall, soft, and have a lightweight body which makes it perfect for snuggles and cuddles. And, yes, of course these cry real tears too! Fill them with water and watch as they cry real tears when you press on their head.

Cry Babies Tiny Cuddles Happy Flower Dolls

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They’re tinier versions of the original Cry Babies. There are 5 different ones to collect. All are soft enough to cuddle with and small enough to travel with.

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