Cry Babies Stars Lilly, Tiny Cuddles, Jumpy Monsters, and Talent Babies Review

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Editor's Review

The Cry Babies are reaching for the stars with a brand-new theme. Go on the new adventure with them through the line of Cry Babies Stars dolls. 

Cry Babies Stars Lilly is a 12-inch baby doll for ages 18 months and up wearing a shiny cat-themed onesie. Just like with other Cry Babies, if you remove Lilly’s pacifier from her mouth, she’ll cry. And if you fill her head with water, she’ll cry real tears. However, Lilly’s eyes will also light up with stars. Give the doll her pacifier to stop the crying. Lilly makes more than 10 realistic baby sounds and also comes with a pretend baby bottle. It does come with two AAA batteries. You can also collect Coney and Ayla, sold separately.

Cry Babies Stars Tiny Cuddles are also for ages 18 months and up. These soft-bodied nine-inch baby dolls are out of this world in their alien- and monster-themed onesies. There are six Tiny Cuddles to collect, and each one can cry real tears if you fill their head with water. Then give their head a squeeze to make the tears flow. Just keep in mind that the water will get the doll’s plush body really wet. Each Tiny Cuddles doll is sold separately. 

Older kids ages 3 and up can have some unboxing fun with the smaller Cry Babies Magic Tears Stars Jumpy Monsters dolls. There are six dolls to collect, and each one comes with seven surprises. The surprises include a vehicle and a removable silicone outfit for the doll. These dolls don’t just cry teal tears – they cry slime tears. Feed the doll water from its bottle, and then squeeze the doll to make the tears fall.

You’ll be able to see each Cry Babies Magic Tears Stars Talent Babies in the package, but there is a surprise accessory to unbox. The surprise accessory will have something to do with helping the doll perform in the talent show. The eight dolls in this collection wear removable silicone outfits, and they cry real tears when you feed them water from their baby bottle. These dolls are also for ages 3 and up.

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All of these new dolls will be really fun for Cry Babies fans to collect and play with. The larger baby dolls are all about realistic parent play, engaging kids in nurturing play. The sound effects and crying are a nice enhancement to the imaginative play. The smaller dolls are more about collectibility and play. Kids will like adding new characters to their collections and playing out the adventures they see on the Cry Babies Magic Tears YouTube series. 


Larger dolls encourage nurturing play
Lilly has sound effects & light-up eyes
Dolls cry real tears
6 Jumpy Monsters to collect
Jumpy Monsters have slime tears
8 Talent Babies to collect
Small dolls are a fun unboxing



Water and slime can get messy

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