Cry Babies Magic Tears Icy World Dinos and Keep Me Warm Series Review

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Editor's Review

Travel to an icy new world with brand new Icy World Cry Babies dolls. There are two series for this theme: Series Dino and Series Keep Me Warm.

Each Icy World Series Dino doll comes inside an igloo. Slide the lever up to unlock the igloo, and then begin unboxing the surprises inside. You’ll find a doll with a shiny gem on its chest. There’s a sticker sheet for decorating the igloo, a pacifier, a gem, and four personalized accessories, such as shoes, ice skates, a present, and something to eat. A lot of the elements inside the igloo are taped down, so you’ll need to peel that off first before you can unbox anything. It’s kind of annoying. Use the bottle to feed water to your doll, and then squeeze the doll to make it cry magic tears. You’ll need these tears to open up the dinosaur egg and reveal your Cry Baby’s pet. Slide the egg out and squeeze water into the top to unlock the egg. Keep track of your Dino series collection on the collector’s guide. Along with the eight core dolls in this series, there’s also a rare doll that glows in the dark.

Collect even more characters in the Icy World Series Keep Me Warm. These dolls come packaged inside crystal closets. Open it up to reveal a doll, a sticker sheet for decorating the closet, a bottle, a fabric hood to keep the doll warm, snow goggles, a bow, a scarf, a pacifier, and shoes. Use the bottle to feed your doll water and then squeeze the doll to make her cry tears. Keep track of your collection on the included collector’s guide. Along with the 12 core dolls in this series, there is one rare doll and one ultra rare that you might also find. 

For all of the Cry Babies dolls, there is a drain plug on the back of their heads to make it easy to drain any excess water when playtime is over.

Cry Babies Magic Tears Keep Warm 780 x 780 (1)

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The new icy theme is perfect for the upcoming winter season, and kids will really like adding more Cry Babies to their collections. With either series, these are fun unboxings that give kids a lot of surprise accessories to jumpstart imaginative play.


2 series in this theme
Lots of dolls to collect
Fun unboxing
Lots of accessories
Imaginative play


Had to peel off a lot of tape

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