Cry Babies Magic Tears Happy Flowers Doll Review

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Editor's Review

There are 8 different dolls to collect and each doll has a different flower scent. Each one also has 9 surprises to uncover.

Each capsule you get is shaped like a flower pot and when you open it and remove the pretend cotton candy, you’ll discover your surprise character! Turn the flower-shaped knob to grow three flowers in the capsule! And, of course your Cry Babies Magic Tears doll cries real tears! Use the doll’s magic tears to reveal happy faces on the three flowers, just like in the series!

Cry Babies Magic Tears Happy Flowers Doll

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It’s a different way to unbox your Cry Babies. They smell like real flowers. There are 8 to collect. Everything fits back in the flower pot and there’s a fun reveal when opened!

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