Cry Babies Goodnight Starry Sky Emmy and Daisy Dolls Review

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Editor's Review

When it’s time for bed, a glowing starry sky will help soothe your Cry Babies doll and you. The Cry Babies Goodnight Starry Sky Emmy and Daisy dolls both wear furry hooded pjs and cry LED tears until you give them their pacifier. You’ll also hear crying sound effects unless you play with the doll in silent mode. The pacifier stops the crying and tears, and it causes their bellies to light up, projecting a starry night sky on a ceiling or wall. Press the belly while it glows to hear a lullaby. Keep pressing the tummy to cycle through five different lullabies.

While the pajamas are soft and furry, and the body of the dolls is soft, we wouldn’t say that these baby dolls are super cuddly for sleeping with at night, due to their large plastic heads. Speaking of their heads, the hoods of the pajamas can be pulled down to reveal their plastic hair, but the pajamas are not removable. Each baby doll comes with three AAA batteries. Make sure to switch the doll from Try-Me to On mode to activate the full features.

Cry Babies Goodnight Starry Sky Emmy and Daisy Dolls

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Even if the starry sky isn’t projecting on a wall or ceiling, it still provides a soothing light that is a perfect nightlight for kids who are afraid of the dark. The built-in lullabies also help soothe kids to sleep. And when it’s playtime, kids will like pretending to care for their baby doll.


  • Starry sky projection
  • 5 lullabies
  • LED tears and crying sounds
  • Dolls have silent mode
  • Soothes kids to sleep
  • Inspires imaginative play


  • None

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