Cry Babies Dressy Coney and Goodnight Starry Sky Jenna Dolls Review

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Editor's Review

Cry Babies Dressy Coney has vibrant pink hair, sparkly blue eyes, and is soft to the touch. Coney is wearing a cute trendy outfit- a pink dress with a white cozy bunny themed hoodie jacket, white leggings with pink polka dots, and matching pink shoes. Like all the Cry Babies, she cries real water tears and makes baby sounds without her pacifier! A nice addition to the newest collection is that the Cry Babies are more light weight than ever making it easier to cradle and calm them down.

Goodnight Jenna- a special edition of Cry Babies. Goodnight Jenna is ready to help children fall asleep in the most magical way. That’s why she has a very soft body and wears a super soft onesie with fantasy details.

Jenna cries LED tears that light up in the dark and makes realistic baby sounds. But if you put her dummy back in, her face will light up. She includes 5 different lullabies. Press her tummy to listen up to 10 minutes of lullabies!

Cry Babies Dressy Coney and Goodnight Starry Sky Jenna Dolls

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The Cry Babies Dressy Coney has realistic and vibrant hair which is a nice addition. The Cry Babies now weigh lighter, which will be nice to carry around and the outfit is trendy. The Goodnight Jenna lights up which is different from the original Cry Babies line. The LED tears are pretty neat and the addition of music is great for naps and bedtime.

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