Creativity for Kids Sparkle Sand Art and Sensory on the Go Magical Playground Review

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Editor's Review

Whether at home or on the go, you’ll always have a way to get creative with these arts and crafts toys.

Sparkle Sand Art, for ages 6 and up, comes in different themes, including Mermaid, which we’re showing in our video review. You get four colors of sand to layer inside the shell bottle using the funnel, plus decorative foil pieces, stickers, and bubble gems. The box doubles as a work space to help contain any mess from spilled sand. Place the mermaid figure on the bottle’s display shelf or remove her for play.

Sensory on the Go Magical Playground is a travel-friendly kit for ages 3 and up with scented dough and fun tactile toys. You get three colors of dough, a sound tube, mini figures, a suction cup friend, a teeter-totter, four cookie cutters, a rainbow mold, and stickers. Instructions show kids how everything works, but kids are encouraged to get creative and play with the pieces however they’d like. The dough does contain gluten, and you’ll need to put it back in its sealed bag after use.

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Both of these are really cute and really easy-to-use arts and crafts kits. Making sand art in the shell bottle is super easy, and kids can get creative with how to layer the sand and decorate the bottle. Plus, the play with the mermaid figure extends the imaginative play. Sensory on the Go is a great way to keep kids busy while in the car, on a plane, or waiting at a restaurant. It comes with lots of fun tactile items that help with fine motor skills and promote sensory development.


Pros (Sand Art)
Easy to do
Inspires creativity
Encourages imaginative play

Pros (Sensory on the Go)
Keeps kids busy while on the go
Tactile items encourage fine motor skills
Inspires creativity


Cons (Sand Art)
Can be messy

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