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Editor's Review

If your kid loves making Starbucks runs with you almost as much as you do, then let them play out a coffee shop experience at home – minus the coffee – with the Creative Cafe Barista Bar. This lets kids ages 6 and up froth milk and top it with flavored designs. The kit includes two food packet powders (chocolate and strawberry), three topping stencils, four paper cups, two containers for the powder, a mixing cup, two spoons, recipe cards, and the Barista Bar unit. You do need three AA batteries, which are not included. 

Follow the directions on the recipe cards to make a flavored base with your choice of cold milk. You can use regular milk, lactose-free milk, or plant-based milk. The base can be made with just strawberry powder, just chocolate powder, or a mixture of the two. Once you pour the powder and milk into the mixing cup, place the cup into the Barista Bar and pull down on the lever to froth the milk. Then use the spoon to transfer or pour the frothed milk directly into one of the cups. Once your froth is in the cup, place one of the stencils on top and pour one of the flavored powders on top to create a design. Then drink and enjoy!

Because this is used with real food, you’ll need to make sure to wash everything after use.

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The taste of these is pretty good, and we were pleasantly surprised at the amount of froth the machine made. Some of the stencils worked better than others, but either way, we think kids will enjoy making and drinking these pretend coffee drinks.

We like how this can be customized with your favorite milk based on your dietary needs, however, the chocolate flavor mix is made with milk, which isn’t so good for kids who are lactose-intolerant or allergic to dairy. (Nutrition information can be found on the bottom of the box.)


Two flavors

Easy to froth the milk

Create flavored designs on top

They taste good

Imaginative roleplay


Batteries are not included 

Not all stencil designs looked so good

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