Create A Castle BuildMaster CastleMagic Sand and Snow Kits Review

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Editor's Review

You don’t need to go to the beach to make sand castles, and you don’t need it to be winter to play with snow thanks to the Create A Castle BuildMaster CastleMagic Sand and Snow kits. Each kit comes with 2.65 pounds of CastleMagic compound, giving kids enough sand or snow to build the castle pictured on the box.

The CastleMagic compound is a super soft white or brown compound that never dries out. The brown compound is the “sand”, while the white compound is the “snow”. Each kit comes with a variety of castle molds and tower toppers to help kids build detailed sand and snow castles. Pick the mold you want to use and fold it together. Insert one of the keys and turn to lock the mold in place. Then insert a lid onto the mold and flip it upside down before filling. There is a special tool that helps you pack the compound into the mold to make sure that every nook and cranny gets filled. Once full, flip the mold back over and turn the key to unlock the mold and remove your finished compound piece.

When not in use, it’s recommended that you store the CastleMagic compound inside the included storage bags.

Each set comes with six molds, seven dimension-forming accessories, three locking keys, a play mat, a pack and design tool, a storage pouch for the sand/snow, a storage case, 2.65 pounds of compound, four small tower toppers, and one large tower topper.

Create A Castle BuildMaster CastleMagic Sand and Snow Kits

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This is a fun and creative activity that lets kids build sand and snow castles however they want. The locking molds make it easy to remove the compound and get detailed castle pieces. We like that this doesn’t require real sand or snow, and that the compound is super soft and fun to play with.


  • CastleMagic compound is super soft & fun to play with
  • Molds make it easy to get detailed castle pieces
  • Kids can build however they want
  • You don’t need real sand or snow


  • None

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