Crazy Aaron’s Liquid Glass, Falling Water, and Super Scarab Putty Review

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Editor's Review

These new putties are mesmerizing to play with. Crazy Aaron’s Liquid Glass Thinking Putty is totally transparent. So transparent that when you open the container, it doesn’t even look like anything is inside. This smooth and clear putty does get a little cloudy as you play with it, but it goes back to its original state when you stop. 

Falling Water is another putty in the Liquid Glass collection. This one is a transparent blue putty meant to resemble water. It’s even got a little bit of glitter in it. Now, again, this putty is going to get cloudy as you play with it, but it does return to its original state when you stop.

Super Scarab is a color-shifting putty that takes its name and colors from the Egyptian scarab beetle. This putty is a combination of purple, blue, red, and copper, depending on how the light hits it.

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One thing I don’t like about these putties is how hard it is to open the tin containers. But once open, these putties provide a visual and tactile experience. Squish them, stretch them, bounce them, and just play with them however you want. 


Each putty has a different look
Visual and tactile play
Fun to collect



Opening the tins

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