Crafty Cakes Sweetdazzle Drizzle, Magicorn Glitter, and Fantasia Shimmer Review

Editor's Rating


Editor's Review

Families who love the excitement behind cake decorating, but not the mess it leaves behind, are in for a treat! This set comes with all the tools and materials you need, plus a fun cake stand to display your finished creation! There’s also a surprise collectible cake topper for an impressive and creative finishing touch. There’s three different cake toppers to collect, so keep an eye out for all three! Since these cakes are inedible, one can say these cakes are literally too good to eat!

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This is a fun and quick toy for kids ages 5 and up!


  • It’s a fun DIY project
  • Kids will love getting imaginative and
  • The surprise cake topper is a fun addition 


If you’re wondering about the frosting, its an issue. The frosting is messy and sticks to everything it touches. It can take up to a day or so to dry completely too.

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