Craft-tastic Nail Art and Craft Crush Nail Stickers Review

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Editor's Review

Turn your nails into works of art with Craft-tastic Nail Art and Craft Crush Nail Stickers sets. Each one comes with a variety of different nail stickers so kids can express themselves through a manicure.

Nail Art comes with 3,023 stickers, while Nail Stickers comes with 2,916 stickers. For best results, you’ll want to adhere the stickers to clean nails or dry painted nails. Choose your favorite sticker, remove it from the sheet with your fingers, tweezers, or a toothpick, and stick it to the center of your nail. Press on it, and then paint a coat of clear polish on top to keep it on longer. Each set also has instructions for creating striped sticker designs on your nails.

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These nail sticker sets come with so many stickers. There are letters, animals, stars, flowers, and more! Kids who like giving themselves manicures and nail art will have fun adding these cool stickers to their looks. 


So many stickers

Variety of colors and designs

Easy to add stickers to your nails

Creative nail designs



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