Craft Crush DIY Plant Charms Review

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Editor's Review

Get creative with nature when you craft with the Craft Crush DIY Plant Charms craft kit. With this kit, kids ages 13 and up make four sun-catcher charms to hang from their house plants. The kit comes with 20 pieces, including four metal frames, four metal stakes, five metal rings, .74 ounces of baking crystals, and a pair of tweezers. You’ll also need to provide aluminum foil, an oven, an oven-safe pan or baking dish, and an oven mitt. You’ll fill the metal frame designs with colorful crystals, which is a very tedious project, and then bake them to melt the crystals into the frame. Make sure you carefully follow the instructions and work safely around the oven. When your creations have cooled off, you can hang them from the metal stakes and place the stakes into the soil of your favorite plant.

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The instructions for this were very easy to follow. The difficulty lay in the execution of the task. Use the included tweezers! Be very careful when filling the frames with the crystals because even the slightest movement of the frame can mess everything up, and you’ll have to start over. And you’ll want to use more crystals than you think. For creative teens who have the patience for a craft like this, they’ll be satisfied with the finished product. Our charms weren’t perfect, but they still looked cool, even when just placed in a small vase.  


Finished results look cool
Inspires creativity
Instructions are easy to follow


Tedious process to fill the frames

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