Cra-Z-Slimy Mini Mania Slimy Food Review

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Editor's Review

This Mini Mania Slimy Food set includes 12 slime containers of various shapes, plus two food-related mini surprises. To be clear, nothing here is edible, they’re all toys! All of the mini containers are about 2 inches tall and made of translucent plastic, allowing the hue of the slime within to color the container. One bit of color the containers do sport is their brand neutral labels, which have a fun and bright look, very reminiscent of labels you’d find on a grocery store shelf. Cracking one open, we can see the consistency of the slime. It’s a bit sticky, but mostly moist-feeling and very, very stretchy. In other words, perfect slime! While each slime has mostly the same consistency, they all have a different scent based on the food item. Sampling them all, the most spot on scents are the pickles and the honey. Some are more…enigmatic, and some are just kind of overshadowed by the innate “toy slime smell.” Still, we appreciate the effort. The surprises are little tiny plastic tokens shaped like food. Ours were a donut and some fries, which we quite liked.

Cra-z-Slimy Grocery Set 1 780 x 780

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Slime fans will delight in this sampler pack of fragrant slimes. The themed storage containers make them great display items, so they’re fun even when not in play.


  • There are 12 different slimes with different colors and scents.
  • The containers are sturdy and have very appealing labels.
  • You get two very cute food toy bonuses.
  • The slime has a delightfully gnarly consistency, as it should. 


  • The slime consistency or “feel” is pretty uniform across all the different containers.
  • Some scents being less potent than others.

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