Cow Pie Catapults Game Review

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Editor's Review

The game includes a 30-by-20-inch game board that resembles a farm. Each player is given four cardboard cows to place anywhere behind the fence on their side of the big barnyard game board, seven rubber poo patties, and one plastic catapult. Catapults must stay off the game board, but anywhere within the current cut out area. At the count of three both players put the cow poo pie onto the catapult flipper, it’s the lever to send the poo flying across the barnyard. There’s no taking turns. Players just keep launching poo as fast as they can! Any poo that lands on your side of the game board can be launched back. In order to win the game, all of the opponent’s cows must be tipped over.

Cow Pie Catapults Game

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This is a fast paced game. The instructions are easy to understand and two players can play at once.

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