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Editor's Review

Take a ride in the countryside with new Country-themed Playmobil sets, featuring Horseback Riding Lessons, Pony Farm Birthday Party, Pony Wagon, Horse Trio, and Icelandic Ponies with Foals. Each set is sold separately.

The biggest set is Horseback Riding Lessons, which is all about teaching the Playmobil figures how to ride horses. It comes with two stalls and all the necessary equipment for teaching newcomers how to ride. The set includes two adult Playmobil figures – an instructor and a mom – and one child figure. There’s also a horse and a pony. The fenced-in yard provides space for the lessons, and when the lessons are over, hang up the saddle and bridle in the stall.

The Pony Farm Birthday Party sets the stage for a pony-themed party, complete with gifts, balloons, cupcakes, cake, and more. Guests can care for and ride the two pony figures, and then sit at the picnic table for party time. Don’t let the squirrels steal the cake!

Go for a wagon ride with the Pony Wagon set. Help the little girl figure load up the wagon with food accessories and then sit in the coach seat and take the reins. Remove the horse’s holster so it can graze freely when the ride is over. The wagon has a removable cover to make it easy to load and unload supplies.

Expand your horse collection with the Horse Trio and Icelandic Ponies with Foals sets. Horse Trio comes with figures of Knabstrupper, Friesian, and Andalusian horses. Each comes with a different-colored halter and saddle, and the Friesian can be ridden without a saddle. The Icelandic Ponies with Foals includes two adult Icelandic Ponies and two babies with a basket of hay.

Country Sets

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If you love horses, then you’ll love playing out different horse adventures with these Playmobil toys. All of them are a lot of fun when combined, but each one does offer great features and details that make them fun on their own. These will inspire a lot of imaginative play.

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