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Editor's Review

In Countaloupe, you’ve got to use your melon to discard all your slice cards first. To start playing this card game, each player takes a deck of cards in their favorite color. The cards should be in numerical order with 1 on the top and 16 on the bottom. The five numbered die, the chance die, and the “nope” chip should be within reach of all players. 

On your turn, roll three numbered die and the chance die. If any of the dice or the total from any combination of dice matches the number on the top slice card of your deck, discard the card. So on everyone’s first turn, you’ve got to discard your 1 card, which means your first dice roll must include a 1. If you’re able to discard the 1 card, check to see if your dice have a 2. If so, you can discard the 2 card next, and so on until you can’t discard anything else. If the dice don’t have what you need, your turn ends.

Now, you’ve also rolled the chance die at the same time, and if anything other than a blank shows up, that means you might trade cards with another player or gain control of the “nope” chip. Use the “nope” chip if you want to block another player from removing cards from their deck or block a player from trading cards with you.

Something else that spices up the gameplay is taking risks. After you’ve discarded slice cards, you can risk rolling the dice again to roll the number showing on your top card. But if you don’t get that number, you pay a penalty of adding more cards back to your deck.

Countaloupe Card Game

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We think this game is easy to learn and a fun way to practice some addition when combining numbers on the dice. It’s got a great design and enough varied gameplay elements (chance die, taking risks) to keep the fast-paced game exciting. This will be a game the whole family can play together.

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