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Editor's Review

Count-Along Basket & Scanner featuring play food, shopping lists, and an interactive scanner that recognizes each food piece. Carry the shopping basket or expand it into a rolling shopping cart. Shop the rainbow with eight play foods in a variety of food groups, colors, shapes and numbers. The fish, carrots, strawberries, cake, bread, broccoli, and grapes show off their silly personalities with music and unique phrases when scanned. Ready for a veggie dance? Let’s “brocc” and roll! Scan foods on the shopping lists to play activities like Food Group Feast and Shapes of the Day to hear encouraging phrases and songs. Three interactive play modes reinforce learning. In Learn mode, scan a food to find out its name, color, and the number printed on it. Switch to Count mode to follow the scanners directions to scan foods up to ten times. Ready to play a game? The scanner gives clues for foods by name, number, color, and shape in Game mode. Play pieces store in the basket.

Count-Along Basket & Scanner

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The different modes reinforce learning about food names, colors, shapes, and numbers. The shopping basket transforms into a cart. It’s interactive and the play pieces store in the basket for clean up.

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