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Editor's Review

Corners will require a bit of uncomplicated assembly out of the box. Thread the pegs through the holes and screw on the wingnuts with the washers. Due to the size and shape of the board, this requires more dexterity than you might assume, so make sure not to lose any pieces by dropping them.


Corners comes with 8 rings, divided evenly between red and blue. The rules are simple, throw your rings  and try to get to 21 points exactly. Red pegs are worth 3 points, white is worth 2, and blue, worth 1. Make 3 shots in a row to earn double the points! Watch out, as if you opponent rings a peg that you did prior, your points are negated for that shot! If you score over 21, revert back to your score prior to that turn and try again. There is one other way to win, make a shot in all four corners to instantly grasp victory!


Corners is a simple and fun game, which rewards skilled gameplay.  The satisfying weight and composition of the rings, make the act of tossing pleasurable, and the lightweight construction of the board allows you to easily move the board anywhere you want, and brandish it quickly at a get-together of family or friends. If you want to transport it a long distance, it may be worth removing the pegs, in which case, get a bag for the wingnuts and washers so you don’t lose them.

Corners Ring Toss

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Corners is an excellent outdoor game to bust out at any gathering. The light weight and easy set up make it worth picking up.


  • It’s a simple game that’s hard to master, but still fun to play at any skill level.
  • The board is lightweight for easy transport.
  • The rings are sturdy and have a very satisfying weight.


  • The wingnuts and washers may be easy to misplace during installation or breakdown, but this is mitigated by the fact that you can probably find replacements at a hardware store, should the worst occur.

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