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Editor's Review

How do you help your child deal with big emotions? By using Coping Cue Cards! These offer visuals to help kids learn and use healthy coping skills. There are five decks of cards based on the five coping styles of movement, processing, sensory, distraction, and relaxation.

The Distraction Deck provides 44 coping skills cards with simple distraction strategies for kids to use, such as cook or do a crossword puzzle. This deck of cards is all about giving kids play ideas to help them decompress.

The Movement Deck offers 44 simple movement strategies to help kids regulate their emotions. From bunny breathing and moving slowly like a snail to shuffling cards and riding a bike, there are small body movements and big ones that you can use outside or inside.

The 44 strategies in the Sensory Deck use a child’s senses to help them regulate their emotions. The cards encourage kids to listen to sounds on a sound machine or hold a small, smooth stone.

Kids will explore their thoughts and feelings through the 44 strategies in the Processing Deck. This involves using a feelings face chart to identify their emotion and leaving their worries in a worry box.

The last deck is the Relaxation Deck, which provides 44 simple calming strategies to help kids cope with stress, anger, and anxiety. These strategies range from having a warm drink to taking a mindful walk.

And each deck of cards includes four divider cards so that you can organize the strategies into skills to use for travel, school, social events, and stores and restaurants. There is also a card that gives parents and caregivers instructions on how to use each deck.

Coping Cue Cards

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We like that there are a variety of coping styles and strategies within each style, which helps parents and kids find the strategies that work best for them. Kids will enjoy the kid-friendly visuals on each card and discovering and exploring all the different strategies. These cards are easy to take on the go and could really be used in lots of different ways.

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