Cool Maker Pop Style Bracelet Maker Review

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Editor's Review

Make bracelet styles that really pop with the Cool Maker Pop Style Bracelet Maker. Instead of stringing beads, you pop them on using this kit’s cool device. The bracelet maker device has a removable bottom where all the elastic bands and beads are stored. There are enough supplies for making 10 bracelets. Choose two bands and attach them to the top of the device. Press down on the top’s center piece to extend the bands out so you can slip on the beads. Each section can hold two beads. When you’ve attached all your beads, press the top’s center piece again and remove your bracelet. The device also makes it easy to change beads if you want to create a different pattern or look. The kit also comes with four sheets of letter stickers so that you can add letters to flat-backed beads and spell your name or favorite words. The instructions provide some design tips.

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This is really easy to do, and you don’t have to tie any knots! Our 7-year-old tester picked up on the process right away. We like the variety of beads and the amount of supplies that come in this kit. Creative kids who like DIY fashion accessories will have a good time designing their own bracelets.


Easy to do
Makes 10 bracelets
Remake the bracelets
Device doubles as storage
Inspires creativity



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