Contours Quick Elite Lightweight Stroller Review

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Editor's Review

If you’re looking for a new ride for your little one, then look no further than the Contours Quick Lightweight Stroller. The stroller is about 12 pounds which makes it pretty lightweight compared to other strollers. It also has a handle made of vegan leather that’s super soft and easy to direct with. The wheels are easy to maneuver around corners and the entire stroller can be folded using one hand which makes this the perfect stroller to have on the go. This stroller can be used for babies 6 months and up as it can accommodate up to 30 types of car seats. Then, when your baby becomes a toddler, it can be used for children up to 50 pounds. The quilted seat can be used in multiple reclining positions. You strap your child into the stroller’s 5 point harness and can keep an eye on them through the mesh panel located on the stroller’s UPF 50+ sun canopy. The mesh panel can also be used for extra airflow. There’s also a child napper bar that can hold your child’s toys as they sit in the stroller, but it can be taken off if your child wants more leg room. We brought this stroller into New York City and it was a breeze to use. It was easy to move through the crowds and I kept an eye on Riley through the mesh panel to make sure he was okay, especially when he was eating snacks. Riley definitely had a blast watching people from this stroller. Plus, this stroller is Disney sized friendly so we’ll definitely be taking this when we go in the future! 

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Should I get it?

Yes, we loved that it was great for any occasion. Also, being able to easily put a car seat on without an adapter.


  • It’s easy to maneuver through crowds
  • The mesh panel gives you peace of mind while pushing your child around
  • It can be used when your baby is both small and big.


  • None!

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