Connetix Tiles Rainbow Creative Pack, Pastel Mega Pack, Rainbow Ball Run Pack Review

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Editor's Review

Color your world with Connetix Tiles construction sets. Each set features a variety of multi-colored tiles that easily connect via built-in magnets, allowing kids to build flat or in 3-D. All the tiles are made using non-toxic ABS plastic that is BPA- and phthalate-free.

With the Rainbow Creative Pack, you get 100 pieces: six large squares, 36 small squares, 12 equilateral triangles, 12 right angle triangles, 12 isosceles triangles, six window pieces, six door pieces, four rectangles, six fences, an idea booklet, and a travel bag. It’s a perfect starter pack for kids who are new to magnetic building, but it also makes a great add-on to any Connetix sets you already own. 

The Rainbow Ball Run Pack includes 92 pieces for building a magnetic marble run. It has 36 connecting squares, six wooden balls, two Y-shape split tubes, two long stairs, two S-bend tubes, 8 U-shaped tubes, eight slide tubes, 12 right angle tubes, six long straight tubes, eight short straight tubes, two bowls, and an idea booklet.

The Pastel Mega Pack comes with 202 piece in earthy pastel colors: 16 large squares, 48 small squares, 32 equilateral triangles, 32 right angle triangles, 32 isosceles triangles, eight large hexagons, eight window square pieces, eight hollow square pieces, eight rectangles, eight fences, 2 cars, and an idea booklet. 

All Connetix pieces are compatible with other major leading brands.

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All of these magnetic construction sets will inspire kids to use their imaginations and build however they want. We like how open-ended these toys are, although for kids who do need a jumpstart, the idea booklet comes in handy. Whether kids are building a castle, a car, or a coaster, they’ll be thinking creatively and using problem-solving skills to perfect their magnetic designs.


Variety of sets to choose from
Very colorful pieces 
Each set comes with a lot of pieces
Idea booklet offers inspiration
Open-ended building encourages creative thinking



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