Connect 4 Spin Game Review

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Editor's Review

Connect 4 Spin, at its core, is just like the original. Line 4 of your discs up vertically, horizontally or diagonally, to win. But this time, after every move, the player must spin the column into which they played. Whichever orientation it takes when it stops is now in play. You can play either by lining up a sequence anywhere on the grid, or challenge yourself to only match on the top or bottom sections. Be careful, and don’t hand your opponent a win by accident!

You can now see how this game gets complicated real fast! There is one weighted disc per player that you can play at a critical moment. The weight difference isn’t too drastic though, so it’s still ultimately up to fate. The grid spins in a smooth and satisfying way, and has magnets at each end to help it come to a natural and firm resting position while facing upright. To store the discs, the instructions recommend that you keep them in the slots below, but while some stay in by a satisfying level of friction others are cradled loosely.

Connect 4 Spin Game

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Should I get it?

Connect 4 Spin brings enough of a new element to the game that buying a copy is well warranted.


  • The spinning mechanic is well executed; it’s a fun and satisfying action to do.
  • It introduces over double the complexity to the classic game.
  • There are two different self-imposed difficulty settings.


  • Loose fit of some discs in the storage trough.
  • The weighted disc not having too big a difference over the standard discs.

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