Connect 4 Hoops Arcade and Table Game Review

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Editor's Review

Connect 4 Hoops is a mashup between the Game Connect 4 and Arcade Basketball. It’s a great combination of strategy, skill, and of course a little luck. The object is to get 4 in a row horizontally, vertically or diagonally playing against another person or against the computer. There are 5 baskets to aim for.

Connect 4 Hoops Arcade and Table Game

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This is a really fun version of Arcade Basketball that puts a unique skill in shooting in the right basket. It’s a good combination of skill vs a little luck, with strategy playing a key element. We were addicted.


  • There are 5 baskets to aim for, but while it’s not too difficult, it isn’t easy and a shot in the wrong basket can ruin your strategy and cost you the game.
  • There’s an electronic LED Connect 4 board on the backboard that automatically lights up as you take turns making shots. The frame folds up for compact storage so you can store away.


  • I wish there were more electronic scoring option games available like high score or each basket represents a different score from 1-5 and you play to 21 but can go over. Things like that.

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