Confetti Party Bubiloons Review

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Editor's Review

Bubiloons Confetti is a new theme from the Bubiloons collection, it’s full of unboxing surprises which kids always enjoy. This collection has over 10 colorful animals to collect and they all have party details that blow bubbles full of confetti! When you open the top of your cupcake shaped capsule, an explosion of confetti will pop out! Inside you’ll find a few different accessories to decorate your capsule. Each one includes two bubbles with confetti inside already! You have 6 other bubbles to add confetti into the capsule and then shake it up to decorate your bubbles with confetti! Use your Bubiloons to inflate the bubbles and start placing them around!

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Should I get it?

This is too adorable for kids ages 5 and up!


  • Kids get unboxing fun
  • It has fun features that are different from other toys 
  • There are plenty to collect
  • The balloons are reusable and
  • They last a while when inflated


It is a bit hard to squeeze the faces in order to get the bubbles to inflate.

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