Compound Kings Glitzy Bingsu and Swirlz Butter Slime Review

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Editor's Review

Glitzy Bingsu is a scented slime available in pink, blue, purple, and green. As you squish and stretch this slime, you’ll hear the slime make crunchy, crispy, and bubbly noises. That’s because the beads inside are made from a lightweight straw material that creates air pockets during play. It’s the perfect ASMR experience.

Swirlz Butter slimes feature dessert scents, such as Rainbow Sherbet, Grape Popsicle, and Strawberry Shortcake. Each super smooth slime has swirls of color and a surprise charm inside. Squish it, stretch it, and delight in its buttery smooth texture.

Compound Kings Glitzy Bingsu and Swirlz Butter Slime

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These slimes are so much fun and really offer something for all the senses. They have great textures, great colors, great sounds, and great scents. These make fun fidget toys for any kid or adult who likes playing with slime.

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