Cobra Strike and Seek and Hide Sardines Games Review

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Editor's Review

Whether you’re able to play outdoors or indoors, there are two new games for you to play from Starlux Games! The object of Cobra Strike is to strike your opponent’s target while protecting your own. And the object of Seek and Hide Sardines is to hide from the seeker while holding the singing, wriggling Saraphina the Sardine. Both games are for ages 5 and up.

You can play Cobra Strike with two to four players. This game comes with four magnetic targets and four target clips. This is kind of like tag, except instead of tagging someone with your hand, you’re trying to knock off or grab their target. The targets magnetically stick to the clips, which can be clipped on a pocket or belt loop. But unlike tag, there isn’t just one “tagger”. If you play head-to-head, you’ve got to protect your own target while trying to strike your opponent’s. You can also play a team version of the game or a more traditional “tag” with one person versus a group.

The main and only game piece of Seek and Hide Sardines is the electronic plush fish, which can be recharged with the included USB cable. This game is best when played with four to 16 players. One player starts with the fish, and while the other players close their eyes and count to 30, the fish player hides. The fish will be turned on, and if it starts making noise, it gives other players a clue as to where the hider is. The hider can simply tap the fish’s side to make the sounds stop for a bit. If someone finds the hider and fish, they have to squeeze together in the hiding spot like sardines. The same happens for any other player who finds the original hider. The last player to find the hiding spot becomes the hider for the next round.

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If you’ve got active kids, especially a large group of active kids, these games are a great way to keep kids occupied away from screens, while also getting them up and moving. We like that you can play them indoors or outdoors, depending on the weather. Cobra Strike is neat because there are different ways to adapt the play, and the singing fish in Seek and Hide Sardines is just really silly.


New takes on classic games
Play them indoors or outdoors
Get kids active


Seek and Hide Sardines needs 4+ kids to play

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