CloudB Finley Fawn Lovelight Buddies Review

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Editor's Review

This young fawn comes in a gorgeous color pattern that resembles a deer; with a brown and white fur coat and two tiny antlers. Finley The Fawn also has a Velcro tab allowing you to easily attach your baby’s newest companion to any crib. And when Finley The Fawn needs a bath, remove the sound box and toss in the wash. It features a collection of four white noise sounds that are proven to soothe and help calm little ones. One of which is a heartbeat setting that mimics the comforting sounds of a mother’s womb. It also plays four lullabies! The volume is adjustable making it perfect to switch from play time to bed time. There’s also a shake & play motion sensor that will restart the light, lullabies and recording with a simple shake for 30 minutes. After the 30-minutes it’ll automatically turn off. There are no batteries included, instead you recharge the fawn with the USB-C cable provided.  So many great benefits  and add-on’s, how could you not want Finley for yourself?

Finley Fawn

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This will be perfect for your little baby as young as 1-month old!


  • Features 8 soothing sounds & melodies
  • Has 2 light effects and 5 color variants
  • You can record your voice
  • The sound machine is removable and
  • It can be machine washed


There are none!

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