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Editor's Review

Clipology is a game for 2 or more players and is recommended for ages 13 and up. The object of the game is to make a full rotation around the game board by completing movie knowledge based challenges. One player is selected as the Media Master, registers an account with Clipology, and logs into After that, each player rolls two dice on their turn to determine movement, and the type of challenge for that turn. Structural examples include “I-Play” where an individual or team must answer a challenge alone, “We-Play” where ALL players can participate and must answer first, “Face Off”, where you choose an opponent and have them guess a movie title based on images, and “Fortune” which could end up with a boon or bust for the player. Each challenge involves using your device to play a clip or display images, so finding a way to display on a larger monitor is ideal. Trivia Card challenges can be rolled, and in that case, your opponent draws a card and asks you a question, purely analog.  The final act involves a lightning round of questions you must successfully answer to seize victory.


Overall, the presentation is nice. The game pieces are charming (molded in pearlescent gold,) and the game board includes options for a longer or shorter game session. While making an account with Clipology is required, signing up is made easy with a unique QR code present in every box. For a more casual experience, select party mode in your browser, sit back with your friends and answer movie challenges as one big team.


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Should I get it?

If you and your friends are big movie buffs, especially with popular cinema, we highly recommend this game! Clipology makes a great activity for a get-together, whether you want something competitive or more chill.


  • The presentation and decor are simple and clean.
  • There are only few parts for which to keep track.
  • You can have any amount of players you want, so long as teams are divided evenly.


  • You’re dependent on a smart device to play most of the game.
  • Realistically, you also should have access to a large monitor, somewhat limiting where you can play.

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