Classic Star Trek U.S.S Enterprise, Classic Phaser and Figure Assortment Review

Editor's Rating


Editor's Review

Starting with the Classic USS Enterprise, this is an excellent replica of the original ship. The only paint present is on printed letters and some decorative rectangles and lines, but in our opinion, it works to the toy’s advantage. The enterprise retains its clean look while also hiding any seam lines. There are also no plastic flash marks to be found, very well done! The semigloss finish is more than enough to highlight the clean sculpted forms and panel lines. The included clear stand has a sturdy ball joint connection, but it favors posing the Enterprise to one side over the other due to the shape of the base (Starfleet Insignia). While asymmetrical, it is a very cool nod. Lastly, with the included 3 AAA batteries, you can indulge in the light and sound features, with multiple combat songs, flight noises, and voice lines. Each time, the clear parts in the ship light up beautifully. 

Next, we have the Phaser. Much like the Classic Enterprise, this toy is mostly molded plastic, and once again, this is an advantage. Since it’s made to be held, this helps avoid paint scuffing and wear. Plus, the silver areas do appear to be painted, and very well at that. Rotate the switch to turn it on, and adjust the dial in the back to switch between the three firing modes. While both the enterprise and the phaser have exposed screw holes, the enterprise camouflages them more effectively, to the point where perhaps some covers may have benefited the blaster in the looks department. 

Lastly, we have the figures. The classic movie series has Kirk, Spock, and Khan, the Next Generation figures are Pickard, Riker, and Data, and the Universe Discovery figures are Michael Burnham, and Saru. The combination of sculpt and paint blends the boundary of source material and toy in an almost nostalgic way. There’s just enough detail to be satisfying, but it’s abstracted enough to clearly have the charm of an action figure. Our favorite details are the wrinkles in the faces to add to the portrait accuracy. Accessory count is high, and each figure comes with a base for stability. Getting a bit critical, the articulation is fairly limited, with only single joints. Also, and our reviewer may be off base here, but while the Next Generation and Movie Series figures seem in-scale with one another, the Discovery Figures “seem” smaller.

Star Trek assortment 780 x 780

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Should I get it?

While each product has their pros and cons, the good aspects far outweigh the negative ones. The Phaser and Enterprise are excellent replicas, and the action figures have a wonderful collector’s charm to their appearance. We recommend any of these products, regardless of what Star Trek merch you collect!


  • The Enterprise and Phaser replicas have great sculpts.
  • The figures exude a pseudo-retro collector toy charm.
  • The figures have lots of accessories.
  • The figures and Enterprise have very effective display bases. 


  • Articulation in the figures is limited.
  • Scaling with the Discovery figures may be a bit small compared to the other two lines.
  • The screw holes are prominent on the phaser.
  • The Enterprise display base, while nicely shaped, compromises a bit of stability.

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