Choppin’ Fun Learning Pot Review

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Editor's Review

Children love to pretend to cook and this is a great introduction for little ones! The set comes with a pot, a lid, a bowl, cutting board, two utensils, and four food pieces that snap apart, eight food pieces in total! Prepare broccoli, corn, a tomato and a carrot with snap-apart veggies, a play knife, and cutting board. Hear the pot respond with encouraging phrases as kids add veggies to the pot. Lets make spaghetti sauce! Follow five step-by-step recipes to encourage learning with play. Chop the food and set the temperature dial. Now press a food button and stir the pot to make spaghetti sauce, rainbow soup, corn on the cob, carrot soup, and broccoli with cheese! Watch the pot boil with pretend water in the front panel. Hear the pot count to 10 and talk about colors as you play. Serve up your creation in the bowl, pick up the spoon, and dig in! All the pieces store in or on the pot for easy cleanup when playtime is done.

Choppin’ Fun Learning Pot

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It’s an introduction to vocabulary words about foods, colors, and numbers. It’s a fun way to pretend play in the kitchen and the food pieces are 85% plant-based plastic.

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