Chompin’ Charlie and Beware of the Bear Games Review

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Editor's Review

First one we’ve got is Chompin’ Charlie! Winter is coming, and it’s time for all the squirrels to collect their nuts. The object of the game is to be the first player to collect 5 acorns and place them in your secret stash. Place all of the acorns into the acorn holder and deal each player a secret stash card. Gently pull back on Chompin’ Charlie’s tail until you hear the click and release. Roll the dice, then feed Charlie the matching colored acorn. If there are no colors in the acorn holder matching the color on the die, you have to take one from yours or another players secret stash. Watch his eyelids- when they reach the top, he’s ready to pop! Grab the acorns that scatter from Charlie’s tree as fast as you can, and be the first to fill your secret stash to win!& Also, take note that only one hand can be used!

The next fun game for the whole family is Beware of the Bear! In this game Papa Bear is taking a nap, but he forgot his basket of goodies outside! Those greedy cubs, meaning all players, are going to snap up those goodies, but he might wake up! Push Papa Bear into his cave, and place the goodies into the basket. Then close the cave door and place the bear cave and the basket of goodies in the center of the playing area. Roll the dice and perform the action shown. If Papa Bear jumps, the cubs are caught! All players must give 1 goody back. If a player catches Papa Bear when he jumps, players get to keep all of their goodies. The player with the most goodies wins the game!

Chompin’ Charlie and Beware of the Bear Games

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Both games are action packed. 2 to 4 players can play in each game at once and each game runs about 15 minutes.

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