Chippo On The Go Golf Chipping Game Review

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Editor's Review

Chippo needs some assembly out of the box, but it should take you no more than 10 minutes. The game comes with 2 Chipping Boards, 2 Adjustable Clubs, and 6 Light Chippo Golf Balls. The two included clubs can be adjusted to be in either chipping or putting modes for both righties and lefties! Chippo is for 2 or 4 players and is reminiscent of Corn hole, or Horseshoes. Set the Chipping Boards about 15 feet apart and split into even groups. Each player takes turns chipping balls at the board, and scoring points based on what hole they chip into. Hitting the board is 1 point, sinking the middle hole is 3 points, and either of the top holes is worth 5. You want to score exactly 21 points; if your shot puts you over 21, that round’s score is not used. First player or team to 21 wins!

There are a couple ways to mix it up while playing with 4 players, including Match Play and Corn hole Style. In Match Play, take turns with your opponent next to you shooting 3 balls at the board. Whoever gets a higher score wins the “Hole” for their team. The other two players then repeat this for the next “Hole,” chipping back to the players who went first. Whichever team wins more holes out of either 9 or 18 wins the match. Corn hole style is similar, but the loser’s score is subtracted from the winner’s score per each round. For example, if the winner scores 8 points, and the loser scored 4, then the winner is awarded 4 points that round. First to 18 points wins. For 2 player mode, just take turns chipping 6 balls back and forth! Play either Corn hole style or Match Play style.

Chippo is a functional enough game made of quality materials, but it’s not an amazing time if you are bad at golf, which is a sport with a fairly high skill bar. Chipping is difficult for legitimate golfers, never mind laymen. Embarrassingly, my shots were all over the place. I’m sure you could get the hang of it with time but, yeah, Chippo isn’t a game that just anybody can open up and play competently.

Chippo On The Go Golf Chipping Game

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Chippo can be a fun game if you have the baseline skill level to play competently. Otherwise it’s pretty difficult!

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