Chicken Poo Bingo and Peek-A-Hoot Review

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Editor's Review

Family game night goes wild with Peek-A-Hoot and Chicken Poo Bingo, two new games involving silly animals. 


Playing Peek-A-Hoot sounds easy: be the first to gather all the forest loot on your goal cards and return to your starting space to win. However, if you wake the owl (the hoot), your turn might suffer the owl’s grumpy mood. Each player gets five goal cards placed in front of them in a facedown pile. Flip over the top card from your deck to reveal which forest loot you’ve got to find first. On your turn, you can move your mouse in any direction with unlimited steps in order to get to the forest token you need. But if you cross a tree trunk on your path, you must stop and press the owl’s head. If the owl wakes up happy, you can continue your turn. If the owl wakes up grumpy, your turn is over. The game board also has two fast tracks that allow players to avoid tree stumps. Once you reach the token you need, place the goal card in front of you with the token on top. Now flip over the next forest loot goal card to see what you need. Even if you collect all five tokens and reach your starting space, you still have to press the owl’s head one more time. If the owl is grumpy, stay where you are and try again on your next turn. If the owl wakes up happy, you’ve won! This game is for two to four players ages 4 and up. It comes with one owl, four mouse movers and stands, 20 forest tokens, 20 goal cards, a gameboard, and instructions.

The object of Chicken Poo Bingo, invented by Cooper Dean, the winner of the Young Inventor Challenge at the 2020 Chicago Toy and Game Fair, is to be the first player to get five poo tokens in a row, either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Everybody gets a Bingo card and 15 poo tokens. (You’ll need to punch out the poo tokens before playing, and the paper is very thin, which makes it hard to punch them out without tearing them. So be careful!) Place five poo nuggets into the chicken, and then take turns winding up the chicken, setting it on the start space in the center of the bingo game board, and watching it drop poo nuggets as it moves. (Make sure the board is in the center of your table because the poo does roll around and can fall off the board and onto the floor.) Wherever a poo nugget lands, find the matching space on your Bingo card and place a poo token on it. Continue playing until someone gets a Bingo. This game is for two to four players ages 4 and up. It comes with a chicken, a Bingo game board, 12 poo nuggets, a funnel, four Bingo cards, 100 poo tokens, and instructions.

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Both of these games offer silly fun for young kids thanks to the animal game pieces. Kids will like the surprise of the owl’s mood in Peek-A-Hoot and the pooping chicken in Chicken Poo Bingo. There’s a little bit of strategy in Peek-A-Hoot as players decide which way to move their mice, while Chicken Poo Bingo is just classic Bingo with a poopy twist.



Surprise of the owl’s mood

Some strategy

Easy to learn how to play

Pros (Chicken Poo Bingo) 

Pooping chicken

Classic Bingo with a twist

Easy to learn how to play


Cons (Chicken Poo Bingo) 

Difficulty punching out the poo tokens 

Sometimes poo nuggets roll off the board

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