ChalkScapes Mandala Stencils & Chalk Art Kit Sea & Land Review

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Editor's Review

Take your sidewalk chalk art to a whole new level with the ChalkScapes Mandala Stencils & Chalk Art Kit Sea & Land. This comes with two Mandala stencils measuring 22 inches, plus two jumbo chalk holders, six pieces of jumbo chalk, and 24 pieces of regular chalk. All of this lets kids create giant works of art in the driveway or on the sidewalk. 

One Mandala stencil has sea life on it – dolphins, fish, waves. The other one has land animals on it – owl, rabbit, leaves, pinecones. Kids trace the stencil they want, and then rotate the Mandala to trace that same stencil, creating a pattern. The stencils are pre-marked into four quadrants. Color in the circle next to each marked line so you know where you ended work on one quadrant and where to begin the next. The chalk easily cleans off with water.

Additional ChalkScapes Mandala themes are available and sold separately.

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Playing with sidewalk chalk inspires creativity, and with these Mandala stencils, kids’ creativity can go big. The stencils make it easy to draw animals and other designs, and kids will like mixing colors and stencil images in their designs.


2 stencils
30 pieces of chalk
Fun way to play outdoors
Inspires creativity


Regular chalk easily breaks

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