Centering Cards Anytime and Bedtime Review

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Editor's Review

eeBoo’s Centering Cards are a great way to help your child reset. With two sets to choose from, Anytime and Bedtime, these cards can be used wherever and whenever. Each card set includes a three-minute timer, carrying bag, and parent instructions.

The 36 Anytime cards are color-coded into five categories, using different sensory modes for the prompt. Green cards are Visualization & Seeing, yellow cards are Body Movement, blue cards are Breathing, violet cards are Touch, and orange cards are Listening/Sound. Pick two cards and let the child choose which one to read. You might ask your child to imagine she is a little mouse or pretend to make and throw snowballs. 

The 36 Bedtime cards are color-coded into four categories. Blue cards are Preparation Routines, violet cards are Getting to Bed, peach cards are Settling In, and green cards are Lulling. These cards offer an opportunity to provide a calm and reassuring routine at the end of the day. You’ll show and read the Preparation cards to have kids go to the bathroom, put on their pajamas, and prepare for the next day. The Getting to Bed cards prompt conversation and imagination. The Settling In cards help calm kids through breathing and visualization. And the Lulling cards offer a lot of different exercise choices that also use breathing and visualization.

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These cards are a useful tool in helping support a child’s emotional intelligence. We really like the beautiful illustrations on the cards. Whether you need to help calm, redirect, or focus your child during the day, or you want to establish a calming bedtime routine, the two types of Centering Cards, as well as the different categories within each set, give parents and kids plenty of options.


2 sets
Each includes 36 cards
Easy to take on the go
Lots of options for exercises/prompts



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