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Editor's Review

Caveman Rumble is a game for 2-6 players ages 7 and up. The object of the game is to earn as many points as possible by collecting dinosaur and egg cards. To set up, separate the black event cards and the blue main deck (remove cards with a caveman symbol from the main deck if you’re playing with 2-3 players.) Every player starts out with 5 blue cards. The first player draws two blue cards and flips over an event card. Any instructions on said cards must be performed. These could range from discarding cards from your hand or field, or swapping cards with other players, for example. Each dino or egg card will have green, orange, or blue squares at the bottom. You must play your caveman cards with matching squares in order to obtain the card and create a complete pile. Caveman cards may also have instructions to follow. 


Now we’ll get into the “friendship ender” cards. Stop can be played by any player, even if it’s not their turn, to stop the current turn taker from activating a card. Stop and Snatch acts as a stop card, but even more egregiously, lets the user take the card for themself! Stops themselves can be stopped, unless of course you have Mega Stop, which cannot…be stopped. Did you get all that? Play continues more or less like this in alternating turns until the final event card is played and everyone takes one last turn to earn as many points or sabotage as many other players as they can. The one with the most points at the end wins! 


Rumble is a great name to represent the tone of this game. You’re constantly making power plays, and getting sabotaged with blindsiding Stop or Stop and Snatch cards. They even have a card specifically for protecting a pile from ner-do-wells while you wait for your turn. In order to enjoy this game, you either need to be cut-throat, or at least a gracious loser, since the tides can change rapidly, especially in 4+ player games. One side note, you may want to look up the official youtube video on how to play because the printed instructions on our copy require a magnifying glass, no exaggeration!

Caveman rumble

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Caveman Rumble will appease card game enjoyers who enjoy a bit of healthy competition and sabotage among friends. If you have a fighting spirit in you, consider picking it up!


  • It’s pretty easy to learn thanks to cards having actions on printed on them.
  • Games last a satisfying length of time, not too long, not too short.
  • The winds of fortune blow wildly back and fourth, there’s always a way to come back if you play your cards right. 


  • The quickly shifting tides can also be considered a con, as you never know who is going to thwart your carefully made plan at any given time, and that can rub some people the wrong way.
  • The printed instructions are far too small.

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