Cave Club Tella, Fernessa, Emberly, and Roaralai Dolls Review

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Editor's Review

We have four new dolls, so let’s start with Tella! She comes in a gorgeous cave-like outfit with blue and pink locks. She has the ability to see the future, and she’s ready for whatever it holds in a “crystal” headpiece and animal print dress. A Tella-scope makes her visions crystal clear, and a comb accessory inspires styling fun! And no Cave Club adventure is complete without a pet. Meet Hunch the wolf!

Next, here’s Fernessa! She wears a bright dress with a bold print and a Venus fly trap headpiece. She comes with her pterodactyl friend Ptilly! Her awesome blossom handbag hides a flower inside- press the lever to see it bloom!

Emberly is the next Cave Club doll bringing all pinkalicious wild locks! She’s sparkin’ big things as the first inventor and is ready to blaze new trails in a polka-dotted dress with a utility belt that lets her take her inventions on the go. This set comes with her velociraptor pal Flaire, plus a comb accessory and a sparkly club that transforms into a torch.

Lastly, let’s not forget about Roaralai! She’s ready for any adventure in a furry shrug and a tiger-striped dress. A rawr-some handbag and cat-ear headband completes the look. Her saber-toothed tiger pal Ferrell and a comb accessory are also included.

Cave Club Tella, Fernessa, Emberly, and Roaralai Dolls

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Each doll has 9 points of articulation. Accessories are included and they’re all dinosaur inspired which is nice for role playing fun.

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