Care Bears Surprise Figures Peel N’ Reveal Assortment Review

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Editor's Review

There are 10 all-new Care Bears besties to collect, but with the cool Care Bears Peel N’ Reveal figures, you won’t know which character you’re getting until you peel away the figure’s multicolored coating. Just start peeling from the figure’s foot. Each figure stands 2.75 inches tall and is a mash-up of two favorite Care Bears characters. For instance, Best Friend Bear and Secret Bear combine to create Best Secret Bear. Keep track of your collection on the collector’s guide.

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These are super cute. We love the fun colors, the surprise reveal, the mixture of favorite Care Bears, and the dynamic poses of the figures. Plus, they each come with a display base, giving fans a place to store their figures when playtime is over. Adult fans will love collecting these, and kids will love peeling and playing with them.


10 to collect

Surprise reveal 

Dynamic poses

Display bases 

Combine favorite Care Bears characters


Peeling process can sometimes be tricky

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