Care Bears Special Collector’s Edition Care-a-Lot Bear Plush Review

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Editor's Review

Care-a-Lot Bear is 14-inches in size, is beautiful, glittery new Bear plush with sweet eyes and a lovable smile. She’s the very first bear to comes from the magical kingdom of Care-a-Lot, and is excited to share her message of kindness and love with you! Care-a-Lot Bear wears a fun and magical new belly badge depicting the kingdom of Care-a-Lot illuminated by a lovely rainbow. You’ll also get a certificate of authenticity!

Care Bears Special Collector's Edition Care-a-Lot Bear

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This is great for anyone who is a fan of Care Bears or loves to collect them!


  • She’s 14-inches in size
  • Has unique multi-colored fur
  • She is very soft
  • Comes with a certificate of authenticity


  • Absolutely none.

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