Cards vs Gravity and Good Face Bad Face Review

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Editor's Review

Cards vs Gravity is the perfect game for an older crowd looking for an “imbibing game”. Included are 20 colorful waterproof cards (divided into four colors and a few wilds), a play base, and a bottle topper. The topper and play base are magnetic, so you can set up the game atop a bottle. A bottle of what? Pick your poison. Players take turns drawing cards and utilizing the slots in the play base to balance a card without toppling the base over. The drawn card must be played in the corresponding quadrant, so be sure to shuffle the deck well or you’ll be in for an early topple! The game gets really exciting and nail-biting when there are multiple structures in play. Wild cards can be played anywhere, so they’re a sight for sore eyes. Topple the base, and you must take a drink! 


Good Face Bad Face proves that simple games can have a good amount of depth and strategy. The goal of the game is to be the first with 4 good faces in your lineup. Start by crafting a deck of good and bad faces based on player count. Then, the stack owner starts by selecting cards from their hand, making a stack and passing it to their left. The next player can either draw a card or pass. Draw a good face and you can add to your lineup and either draw again or pass to the next person. Draw a bad face and you must add it to your line up, or negate ANY good faces if you have them. Bummer. Good faces also negate bad faces, but only one at a time. If the stack makes it back to the owner, they MUST draw the top card and bear the consequences. Now the player to the left becomes the stack owner. Making stacks seems simple at first, but you need to think about the likelihood of the stack making it back to you, who will draw, and who will pass, plus each player’s incentive to do so. It becomes a pretty intense head game for such a simple concept! After playing a few games, there is a mystery pack you can open to add even more rules to the game. We won’t spoil the surprise, but suffice it to say, they make the game much more treacherous!

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We highly recommend both of these games. Despite the simple mechanics, both games are super immersive and a ton of fun. Since the rules are so simple, they’re easy to pick up quickly.  Break them out at any gathering and ensure a fun time!


  • Both games have simple to understand rules.
  • Cards vs Gravity can get really exciting and tense in a fun way.
  • Good face bad face has a surprising amount of depth and strategy. 


  • You’ll need to B.Y.O.B. (bring your own bottle) for Cards vs Gravity.

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