Cards Against Humanity Family Edition Card Game and Glow in the Dark Box Expansion Pack Review

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Editor's Review

Cards Against Humanity is a card based game for 4+ players, and typically takes 30-90 minutes per game. Everyone is dealt 10 white response cards, and the player who most recently pooped draws a black prompt card. The “Card Czar” reads out the prompt from the black card, after which each player chooses a response that would be most awesome, or silly, or witty, whatever you think would impress the card czar the most. Everyone places their cards face down in the middle, the card czar shuffles those cards, and then reads each one in response to the prompt. The card czar will then pick their favorite white card, and whoever played it is the winner of the round, and receives one awesome point! A new player then becomes card czar, and the process is repeated, ad infinitum. As you can see, there is a method of keeping score and determining a winner, but the more important goal is having a good time and making your friends and family members guffaw.

The Family Edition of the game has a brighter, more whimsical graphic design on the box, which stands in stark contrast to the classic, well deserved, pitch black void of a box. The smaller, glow in the dark box is an expansion set to the main game, adding even more black and white cards, as well as some complimentary stickers full of crude but PG humor. Overall, we took a look at a wide sampling out of the 600 main deck cards, and the subjects are definitely PG, but certainly still funny. That being said, the instructions do acknowledge that every family is different, and encourage you to remove any cards you find inappropriate ahead of time. The folks at Cards Against humanity clearly care about everyone being safe and having a good time, which is always appreciated.

Cards Against Humanity Family Edition Card Game and Glow in the Dark Box Expansion Pack

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Very much so. Feel free to break this game out for family night and give everyone a case of the giggles!

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