Candygrams Colorful Crossword Game Review

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Editor's Review

Candygrams is a colorful twist on word games. You’ve got to make words in your own color-coded crossword. If you’re the first to use all your letters, you win. There are two ways to play the game, and you’ll need two to four players ages 7 and up.

In the Standard version of the game, each player gets 25 letter tiles or “candies”. Everyone begins by building their own base word, and then one player rolls the dice. You now need to make a new word that connects to your base word using the color combo that was rolled. So if blue and pink were rolled, you must use letter tiles that are blue and pink. Once everyone has built and announced their new word (or passed, if necessary), the round ends, and a new player rolls the dice to start a new round. 

The Express version plays the same way, however, instead of waiting for all players to play a word, the first player to connect a new word grabs the dice, announces their word, and immediately rolls for a new color combo. This makes the gameplay go a little faster and adds more of a challenge.

The game comes with two dice, 111 tiles, and instructions.

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If you like word games, then you’ll like the new challenge of Candygrams. Instead of simply making words, you’re limited to what colors you can use to make those words. We like that there are two ways to play, allowing you to add more of a challenge or not depending on who you’re playing with. The game is easy to learn and trying to come up with words definitely gets your brain working. 


2 ways to play
Easy to learn
Challenges your vocabulary
New twist on word games



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