Candy Collections! Board Game Review

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Editor's Review

This game comes with six character tokens. 35 candy cards, 21 mystery cards, 21 super cards, the game board and one dice. The youngest player goes first and moves the number of spaces indicated on the dice. The space you land on will tell you what to do next. Once you reach the “Start” space, you do not need to pass it. Instead, pick up a Super card. Super cards are ideal! One of the Candy cards will give you 10 points. Players who land on a space or pick up a card can steal and trade this card. The player who lands on “Win the candy” gets to collect all the candy from the candy jar on the board. If your Candy card is green, you just found a vegetable! Beware of these “veggies” because they make you lose points. You also can’t put them in the candy jar or trade them. Sometimes cards or spaces tell you to put a candy in the candy jar. Place any one of your Candy cards face up on top of the candy jar located on the game board. The winner is the player who earns 20 or more points first by collecting enough Candy cards.

Candy Collections! Board Game

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Multiple players can play. It’s easy to learn, easy to play, and you can make the game long or short, which is totally up to you!.

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