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Editor's Review

Cake-N-BakeChallenge is for 2-6 players ages 4 and up. This game puts your visual and tactile comprehension skills to the test. In a set of Cake-N-Bake Challenge, you get 50 game cards (split among Action, and Special Action cards), 32 candle cards, a game bell, chef’s hat, 12 icing pieces and a total of 36 multicolored and differently textured cake slices.

To start, everyone is dealt a card face down. When everyone is ready, flip your cards over and replicate the cake design you see as fast as you can. When you finish, say “done” and hit the bell. If you’re the first one to craft your cake correctly, you win a candle card; if you made an error, you lose a candle card. The first one to 6 candles is the winner and gets to wear the chef hat, which, mercifully, is velcro adjustable.

Action cards are simple enough, but what about Special Action cards? These add spur-of-the-moment conditions for either one player, or all players, that must be met in order to win. For example, everyone may need to pass their card to the right, or only have 10 seconds to memorize their cake before needing to make it from memory. Other conditions include needing to build your cake upside down, one handed, or the dreaded “lose a turn” card. Hey Buddy Hey Pal recommends 3 modes of play, depending on your desired experience, whether it be easy or difficult, so you can make your game as casual or as competitive as you desire. One special thing of note is the different textures on the slices, which not only add much needed aid during “team mode” where one player has their eyes closed, but make the game more accessible to players with visual impairments.

Cake N' Bake Challenge

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Should I get it?

This game is unique in its premise, execution, and variable play options. If you’re looking for a new game to add to your collection, definitely consider Cake-N-Bake Challenge.


  • The presentation is colorful and fun.
  • The concept of the game is simple to learn, but tricky to execute, depending on the way you play.
  • There’s plenty of room for customizing your game experience with either more or less difficulty.
  • The textural elements and play mode options make this a notably good option for player accessibility.


  • None, aside from the lose a turn cards perhaps being unnecessary, but you could always remove them beforehand.

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